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In a sad reflection of the situation facing many people in the UK today the number of Food Banks around the country has increased from one in the year 2000 to over 2200 today - a staggering statistic when compared to around 1300 Macdonalds operating throughout the country. But thanks to an amazing initiative between Surrey Council and the Ihezie Foundation charity over 8000 books , donated by the Ihezie Foundation, will be given to children and their families as part of the ongoing distribution of food packs . The fact that, in the fifth largest global economy, so many people now depend on food banks is a cruel reminder of the poverty faced by so many in Britain today. And of course this poverty extends beyond just the basic need for food; around the country countless children are living in households where they are denied the basic pleasure of having a good book to read.

In other places we see the same partnership ; in the Isleworth area of west London, for example, more books have been donated to food banks for distribution with the food packs to local families. And another 5000 books were distributed in the Milton Keynes and Hemel Hempstead areas

Most recently, children at the Two Mile Ash school in Milton Keynes showed huge enthusiasm when they took delivery of 2000 books from the Foundation; according to Michael Bloedorn, Director of Ihezie Foundation “…… it was such a huge privilege and very moving to see the delight in the childrens faces as they took delivery of another donation of carefully selected books. ….. there can be few greater gifts than to help children experience the great joy of reading.”

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