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The way we work

Each week we receive over 25,000 books donated by book sellers.

We deliver an extensive volunteering programme in which volunteers assist us with sorting the books into age groups and carry out a stringent quality check procedure, we only donate pristine or nearly pristine books to schools.

We carefully coordinate the delivery logistics for our book donations overseas, with hundreds of schools, universities and libraries receiving much needed books. This often means the Ministries of Education in each country plays a critical role in the distribution of books.

In the UK, we aim to donate to several primary schools in an area simultaneously, delivering an average of 2,000 children’s books to each school.

In all of our book deliveries we carefully plan requirements with headteachers and local education ministries. For more detail on individual projects please look at each our project's page.

We are committed to ongoing monitoring and evaluation and we are currently revising our strategy for international impact evaluation and we will publish this when it is finalised.

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