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Enjoy a close relationship 

As Patron, you will have: 

  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the charity and a Patron’s special update email bi-annually detailing a report from our Chief Executive.

  • An opportunity to join us for special events as a guest of honour.

  • Regular newsletters.

  • Book in for a private conversation with our chief executive to discuss if Patronage is right for you.

Patron's donations start at £2000 and we may ask you for additional information and vetting before you become a Patron, for example, you must be a person of 'good standing' to become a Patron to help protect our charity reputation. For more information please contact us.

‘Ihezie Foundation’s work protects the place of books, putting them at the heart of children’s education for decades to come and improving the lives of millions of children” .

In a time of unprecedented global shortages in books in schools, it could not be more important. 

Be at the forefront of real-world issues 

There are 775 million people across the world that are illiterate. 

387 million children of primary school age do not achieve minimum proficiency levels in reading. Disturbingly two-thirds of these children, some 262 million, are in school. There is now a broad consensus that this is a tragic waste of both human potential and financial resources. UNESCO, the World Bank, and the International Commission for Financing Global Educational Opportunity have all recently called for the increased provision of books to improve learning resources. World Bank research indicates that children in Africa share books at a ratio of 1 book to every 20 children. 

Our team is small, we have just two members of staff and a large team of volunteers who help us sort and pack books ready for distribution to schools. However we are facing a period of rapid expansion, our goals over the next four years is to increase our book donations from 1m to 4m a year. We know there is alot of work to do but with your help, we can get there much faster and help even more children learn to read.

From ensuring that children in Nigeria or Liberia get access to books in all of their school libraries, to ensuring inner city suburbs of London are well equipped to tackle the huge educational disadvantage they face without money for reading books in the home, we make sure children both at home and abroad get access to reading books again and again through their schools. 

By having a relationship with Ihezie Foundation, you are helping the next generations of engineers, scientists, writers, doctors, lawyers, farmers and everyone in between gain hands on vital knowledge to join up to the global economy, critical to eradicating the huge wage inequalities across the world. 

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