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Sponsor a school library

Sponsor a library now!
by making a one time donation of £1000
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Since our book donation in Anumbra State in Nigeria children from the state have been outperforming their peers in global education competitions and achieving the best results in the country. This is in no small part to children having access to incredible education resources as a result of donations already made to our charity. Read more about our work in Nigeria.

Donating to found a school library is a gift with a huge legacy- each book could be borrowed anything from once to several hundred times, creating a perpetual legacy. Not only does each new school intake benefit from having a reading programme, and the joys that literature brings, but we also see an enormous increase in children's results.

It costs us around 25p a book to ship a book donation to Africa, each container will cost us £10,000 to send which would contain around 67,000 books, enough to stock around 45 school libraries, providing around 1400 books a library.

Sponsoring a library would give you a naming right for the library, a brass plaque and the opportunity to name the library and get updates from the school about how they are progressing, and how their children are developing. The cost of the library sponsorship is £1000 and would be used to support them and other schools in their area to have a library.

This is the ideal opportunity to commemorate a loved one or a special occasion, or leave a personal legacy for many years to come.

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