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Getting books for your schools 

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In the UK

We typically deliver books in quantities of 10,000-20,000 books, enough for a cluster of 5-15 schools to have around 1500-2000 books each. If you are a teacher, and want to organise a book delivery for your school please fill in our expression of interest form. We tend to prefer to donate books to schools in the East Midlands, Buckinghamshire, Thames Valley and London regions, or neighbouring counties to these areas, due to our delivery network.

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In Africa

We currently prioritise book deliveries in Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia and do consider other countries from time to time. We ship consignments in a minimum of 70,000 books so we typically ask that you have sought agreement with your local education adviser and or local and national government before coming to us to ask for a book donation. We will actively work with you if you are keen to help us with securing book deliveries but we do not process singular school requests for book deliveries. This means you need to get a group of schools together to approach us to fundraise for a book delivery in your country. Please register an expression of interest if you are in a single school interested in book deliveries anyway and we will write to you again when we are delivering books in your region. This may not be for some time, and we mainly prioritise West Africa.

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