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Press Release - Empowering London Schools with a Love of Reading

Calling all primary schools in London!

The Ihezie Foundation, a renowned UK charity committed to advancing literacy and educational opportunities, is making a significant impact across London by supporting local schools and promoting a love for reading among students. With their generous book donation program, the foundation aims to equip London schools with the resources they need to foster a culture of literacy and inspire young minds.

Children holding books from donation
Ihezie Foundation School book donation

The Ihezie Foundation recognises the pivotal role that reading plays in a child's educational journey and overall development. With this understanding, the foundation has been working tirelessly to provide primary schools in Greater London with much-needed literacy and children's books. Their goal is simple yet powerful: to ensure that every primary school in each borough has a well-stocked and vibrant library, empowering students to explore the world of books and embrace the joys of reading.

Through strategic partnerships with leading online book retailers, charities and recyclers like Ealing-based company Choice Textile, the Ihezie Foundation receives generous donations of high-quality children's books. These books undergo a meticulous sorting and grading process to guarantee their suitability for school libraries. The selection includes a range of titles, from brand-new releases to pre-owned classics, ensuring that each donated book will be cherished by both schools and students alike.

The impact of the Ihezie Foundation's book donation initiative has already been felt across London. In recent months, they have donated an impressive 2,000 children's books to esteemed schools such as Mount Carmel Primary School, Grange Primary School, and Oakland Primary School. The positive feedback received from both teachers and students further reinforces the importance of this initiative in enhancing literacy and educational experiences within the community.

"We are thrilled to witness the positive impact our book donation program has had on so many schools in London," said Michael Bloedorn, Managing Director of the Ihezie Foundation. "By providing schools with access to quality children's books, we are nurturing a love for reading, expanding young minds, and creating a brighter future for our students. We are dedicated to empowering every London school to have a flourishing library and enabling every child to embark on exciting literary adventures."

To extend their support and reach even more schools in London, the Ihezie Foundation is encouraging London primary schools to request a donation of children's books. By simply contacting the foundation, schools can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to enrich their libraries and inspire a passion for reading among their students.

For more information or to request a book donation for your school, please contact the Ihezie Foundation at:


Phone: 07824 099 626


About the Ihezie Foundation:

The Ihezie Foundation is a leading UK charity dedicated to advancing literacy and educational opportunities for students in the UK and Africa. Through various initiatives and partnerships, the foundation strives to empower schools, promote reading, and provide educational resources to underserved communities. With a strong commitment to making a positive impact, the Ihezie Foundation is changing lives one book at a time.

Press Contact:

Atlyn Forde

ALF Marketing

07956 189 467

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