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Partnering to support children and families

The Ihezie Foundation is excited to be partnering with the Children’s Book Project again. We originally donated 6,000 books to this passionate charity, and are delighted to donate an additional 5,600 books.

Children’s Book Project

The Children’s Book Project has gifted books to over 475 schools and organisations across the UK, where their core aim is to address the disparity of book ownership amongst children and young people. At present one in eight disadvantaged children owns no books, whilst one in four owns fewer than ten books.

Supporting prison families

The books donated by the Ihezie Foundation will be gifted to several schools in the South East and to families of prisoners at HMP Lowdham Grange in Nottingham.

The Children’s Book Project is working with prison management company, Serco Group plc on a book gifting initiative that invites men to sign up to visit a pop up bookshop hosted on site, to choose a book for their children. The books are then posted by the prison service directly to families.

70 men from HMP Lowdham Grange have signed up to choose books from the Ihezie Foundation donation, to send to their families – this is viewed by Serco as a very important part of maintaining contact with the children and helping to build stronger family relationships.

Supporting schools with pupil premium

The Children’s Book Project works with schools that have 25% or more students on pupil premium and with organisations that target groups in need. The books donated by the Ihezie Foundation will be gifted to Honilands Primary EN1, Lansdowne Primary RM18, Bruce Grove Primary N17 and Gilbert Scott Primary CR2.

Making an impact

Lizzy Norton from the Children’s Book Project said “We are so grateful to the Ihezie Foundation for their wonderful donation of books which will be replenishing our great Book Huts at Primary Schools across London both this term and next. Book donations are our lifeblood and without such great support, we would struggle to fulfil the amazing demand we have for books to gift to children who would otherwise have none – hence creating readers of the future.”

The Ihezie Foundation is pleased to be able to support the impactful work of the Children’s Book Project. Aloysius Ihezie, charity founder, said “Through our donations we aim to have a positive impact on the lives of children and families, and therefore we are delighted to support the Children’s Book Project with their innovative initiatives that bring the joy of reading and literacy to those that are disadvantaged.”

The trustees of the Ihezie Foundation see the benefits of partnering with organisations that have similar aims, Amrit Rana said ‘By working with the Children’s Book project we are extending the reach of our books to more families. We are always looking for opportunities to donate books to children that need them and this initiative will certainly benefit the school children and the families of the prisoners.'

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