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The pandemic’s impact on education

For anyone who has some stake in the education industry, this global pandemic has been such a pickle. Parents, teachers, students, executives, all have been touched by the impact of this malignant virus and its ramifications. But it’s our hope that this juncture will give us the necessary conditions to make a significant change in the way we understand and think about education.

We are living through truly interesting times. Nowadays, the most common instrument for education is a digital platform shared through computers and smartphones. Any personal interaction that we used to have in a classroom has been muted in the name of innovation. An innovation that entered abruptly into our lives and without our consent.

To ride this tide of learning innovation we should put every ounce of ourselves in thinking these new conditions. We should be understanding that our students are overflown with stress, anxiety and information; our teachers, with the design of the curricula, meetings, investigation, classes, evaluation, of course, stress and anxiety are also in the mix; executives have the enormous task of handling various different worlds of interests and concerns colliding in front of them all at once; and parents, now are burdened with the curricular education of their children, a once surrogated task among all the things being a parent implies; not to mention, health concerns among all of our people mentioned before, and for those whose work is silent and silenced, but fundamental to the functioning of our installations.

Ihezie Foundation Book Relief wishes you a lot of patience and compassion for these troubled times. Only through patience and compassion we can look at each other and cast the best of ourselves in the pursuit of new horizons in education.

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