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Helping the children of Nottingham to succeed

In March 2022 the Ihezie Foundation visited Nottingham to complete a book donation drive in three of the city's schools. Nottingham is a great city and this quote from the Nottingham Insights website, highlights the city's focus on education.

‘Raising ambition and attainment in Nottingham City is one of the most important challenges we face and one of Nottingham City Council's top priorities. We passionately believe that a good education is the best route to improving the lives of our citizens.’

The Ihezie Foundation came to Nottingham to make a positive impact on the children in three schools. The charity was happy to make a small contribution towards enhancing the education of local children through a book donation. In total the Ihezie Foundation donated 6,000 books to schools in Nottingham.

The first visit was to Brocklewood Primary School, where the children received a donation of 2,000 books. The school motto is ‘Imagine Believe Achieve’ where they believe it is their responsibility to provide an enriching and stimulating curriculum which will fire the imagination of every pupil.

The Head of Reading at Brocklewood Primary School, Naomi Fretwell, was pleased with the variety and quality of the books and looks forward to using the books to further develop the imagination of their pupils.

The Ihezie Foundation then visited the happy children at Ambleside Academy, a large community school with a great ethos and heart. The charity donated 2,000 books to the school, where the lead teacher on the project Amy Fielder, was delighted that the children would have access to a great new range of books in time for the Easter holidays.

The last visit the charity made in Nottingham was to Rosslyn Park School, which is situated in Aspley in the North of Nottingham. They have nearly 700 children on roll, who also received 2,000 books from the Ihezie Foundation. The children and Head of Junior Years, Valerie Oliver, couldn’t wait to get their hands on the wonderful fiction and non-fiction books in the donation.

The response from the schools and the children in Nottingham was very positive and it was clear to see the positive impact the books would bring. The Ihezie Foundation knows how important books are in the development of children and they look forward to donating more books to local schools across the UK.

If you are interested in donating books or would like to receive books for your school or community group, please get in touch via email:

Further information on the Ihezie Foundation

Ihezie Foundation Book Relief is a charity dedicated to empowering learners to have access to the worlds' best literature to enable children and students to be equipped with the skills, knowledge and literacy they need to become lifelong learners.

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