Support children across the globe to have access to books

Donating books in Africa

We donate academic textbooks and children's storybooks to schools across countries in Africa, and are currently working in Nigeria and Sierra Leone delivering books to schools that are in areas of deeply entrenched poverty. Many of the children we help with our book distributions come from families whose incomes are earning less than $2 a day. The books we provide are usually the first ever books to be provided to that school, and we provide usually up to 2000 books per school per year, enough to stock an entire library.

High Impact on Literacy

We have donated over 1,100,000 books to 1700 schools to date, impacting on anywhere between 1,500,000 and 5,000,000 pupils. The books we donate are reading for pleasure, academic, in good condition donated by UK book retailers. Read more about the way we manage our book distribution programme.

Making an impact on sustainable development goals.
We are proud to play a huge role in improving impact on sustainable development goals 1,4 and 12.

Donating story books to UK Primary schools

We donate reading books to UK primary schools faced by unprecedented challenges in the UK's Primary Schools, including COVID 19 affecting schools budgets.  Around one in eight school libraries have shut in recent years, now with COVID, this is more likely 4 in 8. This is a huge crisis for social mobility across the UK, as children from poorer backgrounds are the pupils who were making most use of borrowing from school libraries. Read more about our UK project.


Latest project

We donated 20,000 books in partnership with the London Borough of Lewisham Mayor to schools in December to help them respond to the chronic book shortages schools are facing. Read more in our blog

Read our blog for some history to our book donations and where we have impacted schools across the UK.

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