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Supporting schools in Chelmsford with 6000 books

Donating books to schools is a good way to support teachers in educating children and improving life outcomes through improved literacy. The Ihezie Foundation recently completed a book donation drive in Chelmsford, where four schools received a total of 6,000 books.

The Founding Trustee of the Ihezie Foundation, Aloysius Ihezie said

‘We are honoured to help the schools in Chelmsford, along with other UK schools, through our book donations. Our mission is to support schools in improving literacy levels, as we know reading has the power to transform the lives of children. We hope the pupils of the four schools in Chelmsford enjoy the 6,000 books we donated and continue to learn and develop their passion for reading’

Our commitment to helping children

At Ihezie Foundation we are committed to helping as many schools and individual children as we can, through book donations. Our visit to Chelmsford was very rewarding as the teachers and children truly appreciated the books, and were excited to give all the students an expansive range of literature to make reading and education a fun, immersive and positive experience.

Larkrise Primary School

Larkrise Primary School is a vibrant one-form entry primary school, serving the local community in Great Baddow, Chelmsford. They pride themselves on their happy, ambitious and inclusive ethos that is reflected in their vision and values. The school received 1,000 books from the Ihezie Foundation, and the head teacher Lois Osbourne was delighted with the diverse range of books in the donations. The books will support the school in their restless pursuit to provide the highest standards of wellbeing and education possible.

Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

Chelmsford's Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School is one of the leading schools in the town. It has a great team of teachers who are passionate about their work and they work hard to promote literacy among the pupils. The headteacher Lesley Roach is committed to achieving high literacy levels in the schools and was pleased to receive 1,000 additional books donated by the Ihezie Foundation, to support the continued focus on reading in the school.

Kings Road Primary School

Kings Road Primary School in Chelmsford, is an inclusive school that believes in the potential of every individual, from whatever circumstance, to achieve and enjoy their time at the school. Kings Road School received 2,000 books from the Ihezie Foundation. The Headteacher, Karen Riches, said that the donation will help to further promote literacy and encourage more children to read.

Parkwood Academy:

Parkwood Academy is located in the Melbourne area of Chelmsford. At Parkwood Academy, they treat children as individuals and personalise their learning so that they are engaged, active, and having fun. The Ihezie Foundation was pleased to support the ethos of personalised learning by donating 2,000 books, which will enable more children to discover books that are aligned to their personal interests. The headteacher Martyn Clarke was delighted to have an additional 2,000 books available for the children to read.

Ihezie Foundation Charity

The Ihezie Foundation was founded in 2015 with the mission of helping children with reading, literacy and numeracy. They work to do this by donating books to schools and libraries. Their goal is to give every child the opportunity to read and grow into a successful adult.

Donating and receiving books

If you are interested in donating books or would like to receive books for your school or community group, please get in touch via email:

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