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Gaming and streaming in aid of Ihezie Foundation

If you are a streamer or a YouTube or Gamer and would like to organise a charity fundraiser, we would love to raise funds to help children living in poverty across the world to be able to enjoy books, we would love to hear from you. Gamer fundraising is a perfect opportunity for you to show your audience you have a great personality as well as an opportunity to really make a difference. Gaming for good is something we truly believe in at Ihezie and we can help you make your event a huge success if you get in touch with us.

Gaming for education can help children across the world to access education, which is critical to lifting children out of poverty across the world. We are a huge fan of 'Geek' philanthropy and the power new channels of social media can have on transforming children's lives. Making asks in a live stream is a great way to get your audience to donate to us, and if you let us know you are doing it we can provide video clips to help bring people closer to the cause. 

Whether you are mad about Fortnite, Overwatch or Pokemon Go, or any other game, streaming whilst asking for donations is just so great, its such a huge win for everyone- approval ratings from your audience will go sky high whilst you will make a huge difference to other children and young peoples' lives.

We can give you behind the scenes live access to book donations and you could even come with us to Africa to do a book donation! You could bring all of your followers on a fantastic journey through the lens of your social media stream whilst growing your own impact and presence.

Whether you want to organise a Gameathon, a live-streamed competition on Twitch or a make a Youtube live on location with us, or stream in partnership with us on Twitch, we can help you develop a successful appeal. Contact us for more information! 

Contact us now for more information about fundraising for us through your gaming!

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